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Links 2.0

Links is an easy-to-use Directory Management program. It allows you to run a complex link directory without being overwhelmed by editing and updating HTML pages. If you are looking for more features, functionality, and power, Links 2.0 offers all the great features of the original Links, and a lot more.

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DBMan is a full-featured Database Manager that provides a web interface to add, remove, modify, or view records in a flat file ASCII database. An advanced user management system helps keep database maintenance easy and efficient, while a powerful permissions system lets you monitor and manage additions to your growing database.

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DBMan SQL is a powerful database manager. It provides a web front-end to add, modify, delete, or search on any type of database. You can use the easy setup wizard to create your own database from scratch, or auto-create a configuration file based on an existing table!

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Gossamer AutoRespond

Gossamer AutoRespond is a tool for managing your sales and marketing leads. Gossamer AutoRespond allows you to set up advanced autoresponders to maximize your marketing efforts. You control the schedule of e-mails sent, the content, and much more, giving your customers the information and confidence to take action on your product or service.

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MySQLMan is a web based MySQL database manager. It allows you to perform common maintenance and administration tasks in MySQL quickly and conveniently. Essential to any backend, MySQLMan has been used in a number of sites such as link directories, image galleries, and any other sites that require MySQL database management.

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The web at its best

Our products scale to suit your needs: managing directories, webmail, forums, and lists are just the beginning. Additionally, our dedicated user community is a great source of support for users!

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